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Road to Fifty Challenge

On March 8 at our 2014 Homecoming, we launched a challenge to gain 50 additional Alumni GraceGivers, monthly donors of the Home of Grace. By far, the most impactful support we receive is from our family of GraceGivers.
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Introducing GraceGrads

Home of Grace is incredibly excited to present a brand-new communication tool exclusively for our alumni association.

Much like Facebook, this website is an online community where individuals can keep in touch through friend requests, messaging, photo sharing, and other features. In addition, GraceGrads offers great tools for staying sharp, including discussion forums, where anybody can initiate a conversation thread on any relevant topic, and the blog, a series of articles and announcements designed to motivate and enrich your daily life.

For more information about how to use GraceGrads and its terms of use, visit our welcome page.

GraceGrads will continue to increase in features and tools. We hope you find it useful.

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